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At Campfire, we use Affinity Designer and Affinity Designer over Illustrator and Photoshop.

This is due to a number of reasons such as price, how they deal with clipping masks, gradients and grain, Primitives, The Ability to use photoshop style effects and tools within Designer (there version of illustrator) with the use of Adjustment layers and Persons, Brushes and much much more. (I can go in more details about this design in a separate post)

Tho, for now, let’s talk about some of my favourite and most use recourses to use with Both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.

Note: Some of these recourses are paid and free. None of this content is sponsored. The resources listed below we use at campfire.

1: Brushes

A list of some of the main brushes I use within Affinity Designer and Photo, this list is a mix of Raster brushes (the ones you find within Photoshop) and some vector Busters.

Tip: If you’re moving from Photoshop to Affinity most if not all brushes from Photoshop will work in Both Designer and Photo.


Marker Brushes: 

Comic Book: 

Texture Pain brush: 

Raster (bitmap brushes)

Frankentoon - Texturizer Pro 1.6: (also have some vector brushes)

Frankentoon - Nomad 2 Brush Pack: (also have some vector brushes)

Frankentoon - Concept Master Vol.1: Nature: (also have some vector brushes)

Comic Basic set: 


Blend Brushes: 

Daub brushes: 

2:  Icons

After some pre-made icons for your next project to save time, such as social media icons or other. Then check the below links for some great sites.

Tip: If you find your self commonly using some icons over and over again, such as social media icons, create assets out of them in Affinity so you can easily access them in any project. You can learn how to create assets here: 




The Noun Project: 


Graphic Burger: 

3: Free vector recourses

Outside of icons, there are some other vector assets you can use, here are some links to some vector assets site.


Free Vector: 

Graphic Burger: 



4: Stock Photos

When it comes to images you may not have the time or budget to take custom images for the project so here are some sites to download some stock photos.




5: Mockups

Show off your designs in style with a mockup, this helps to showcase to a client, or to show your work on your portfolio. Here are some great sites to download mockups.

Tip: With use in Designer and Photo most mockups will not work off that bat since most of them use Photoshop smart objects so some tweaking will be needed.





Creative Market: 

6: Effects and overlays

To help add some magic to your design, effects and image overlay effects such as lens flares and dust and help give a pop to your image.

Lens flare: 

Dust & Dirt: 

Dust & Dirt 2: 


VHS Effect: 

Wood & Link:

7: Fonts

Sick of your computers default fonts, let’s change that with some custom fonts.

Font Squirrel: 

My Font: 

Font Fabric: 

Creative Market: 

Font Shop: 


8: Colour

Suck at picking colours well check out these colour recourses and swatches to help you pick the perfect colour.


Mega Swatch Pack: 

Colour template creator: 

Gradients 1 (works together with the above link): 


Colour Hunt: 

Adobe Color: 

9: Books:

Sometimes reading a good book can help, here are some amazing books about both Affinity Designer and Photo.

Affinity Photo Workbook: 

Affinity Designer Workbook: 

The Decision Book: 50 Models for Strategic Thinking: 

The Brand Gap: 


Creative Strategy and the Business of Design: 

Art of the Book: 

Graphic Design Visionaries: 

Jost Hochuli: Detail In Typography: 

10: Online videos

Or maybe books are not your thing, so here are some online videos to help you learn.

Franken Toon TV: 

The Futur: 

The Futur Academy : 

Learn Affinity Photo (Desktop):

Learn Affinity Photo (iPad): 

Learn Affinity Designer (Desktop):

Learn Affinity Designer (iPad): 

11: Other free stuff:

Advanced Illustration Vol.2 for Affinity Designer:


iOS icon assets: 

Bjango App Icon Templates: 


I hope you got some great Affinity recourses out of this post. Have I missed any you love? Let us know over on twitter @madebycampfire

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be talking about how to marketing your business and position it in the market.

Till then I hope you all have a great day.