Beyond Horizon

Beyond Horizon A 2D Furry Game

May 28, 2018

Beyond Horizon is a 2D platformer, with a focus on story, trade and exploration. Both on land and among the stars in you own ship

Join Aito, a young wolf trying to find his grandfather who abruptly disappeared. While on his search, he came across a stone, that once touched absorbed into his body, giving Aito the abilities to shoot from his hand and teleportation.

Explore different planets, unique dungeons, towns, and fight space pirates in your own ship. All while uncovers a foreboding secret behind the Sigma and the original race.

And all this is just Beyond the horizon.


  • 14 unique story planets
  • 5 unique story dungeons
  • Both land and space combat
  • Fast paced melee and ranged combat
  • Over 7 Story bosses and optional secret bosses
  • Each world haves there own bunch of NPC characters for you to meet, talk and trade with
  • Trading/Barter based economy
  • Advance combining crafting system
  • Powerups and weapon upgrades


Beyond Horizon, created by Andrew Salfinger and developed by Made by Campfire in Perth,Australia. With a small team from across the globe.

The game started life in 2018 as uni project by Andrew as his major project, he was studying for his Bachelor in Graphic Design and wanted to merge his passion of design with Videos and with no prior knowledge of game design he set out to create the first demo of Beyond Horizon.

Now in 2020 Andrew as set out with a small team, Dr Brick (programer) and Krystian (Music designer) into the horizon (see what I did there) to turn Beyond Horizon into a full game
Beyond Horizon is coming soon. For macOS, Windows and Linux, with a release date TBD.


Andrew Salfinger - Art / Design - Website/Twitter:
With over 7 years of experience as a graphic designer/illustrator, Andrew has allways wanted to make his own games since he was a kid.

DrBrick - Programmer - Discord Server Tag: DrBrick#9788 Email:
Lead programmer DrBrick has 5 years of experience with C# and 3 years with game development.

Krystian Pawlowski - Music design - Soundcloud:
A self-taught musician Krystian based in Switzerland helps bring the worlds of Beyond Horizon alive with the atmospheric soundtrack.


Below are some screenshots and videos from my work in progress of the game.

Motion Graphic intro:

Player House:

Stating Zone:

Thats it for this update, we will continue to update you as more progress is made on the game. Till then I hope you all have an amazing day!


Don’t forget to join our discord:

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