Content Segmenting - The gold mine of marketing

Do you understand and recognise the importance of online and printed marketing for your business, but you don’t know where to start or what type of content to create?

Do you want to know the answer to all these questions? its called “Content Segment”

“Content Segment” put it shortly is something that has literally revolutionised the way I approach marketing. 

You might be thinking...

So what is It anyway?

“Content Segment” is taking an idea and segmenting it into smaller pieces of content (we’ll call this “supporting content”) on top of each other to make one big piece of content (which we’ll call “primary content“). 

Let's say you have this big idea (the primary) you’d like to create, such as an e-book, video, report, and then think about all the small pieces (supporting content) it takes to create it. In other words, your primary content is the sum of all the supporting content, and you can use the supporting content to share on digital platforms periodically. 

Taking a “Big Idea” (Primary Content) e.g. Video idea  and “Segmenting” them into smaller chunks “Supporting Content” Such as blogs, small videos, newsletters and more all based around the “Big Idea”

This way you can, from one idea, create a large pool all at once and distribute the pieces sequentially. 

For example: Let’s say your big idea (primary content) is an awesome video on your company, from this one video you can segment this down into multiple other videos and media forums, this creates a large about of marketing quickly for use on multiple platforms.

Let's break it down:

Once a week you can release a post on social media about one of the sections covered in the video with either a small snippet of the video on social media or a link to a blog post where you go more in-depth about the topic. 

Break it down into parts (weekly/monthly)

Then once a month you send out an email newsletter, highlighting a preferred client, and then your corporate video. 

From this original 8 Segment with the weekly post and monthly newsletters you 36 pieces of content, all originating from just 1 video.

You put your finished video on youtube and place it on your website, then you directly  post your video on your social media platform where your target audience is (based on target audience research)

Taking a big idea and segmenting it!

You then break the larger video down into short-form videos about each topic (under 1 minute) and beach them across twitter, facebook, Instagram, YouTube, expanding your reach with the same content. (This can be done daily, weekly, monthly, the more you upload the better)

With the transcription of the shorter videos, you can create and expand ampul to create blog posts on your website explaining your products/services. You also share those web pages on social media.

From these blogs you can create your monthly newsletters for the next 4 months, highlighting your individual services, and the last email would include your awesome video! 

This does not just stop with an awesome video about your company, it could be a blog, where you have main posts on your website and you can “Segment” them into smaller posts for social media or make short videos to go along with them for Instagram/youtube examining into ebooks and newsletters. The great thing about “Content Segment” it can take any idea and use this method. 

Are you ready to take onboard content Segmenting, it will completely change the way you market your business. If you want to learn more about marketing check out our FREE eBook PDF over here: It goes more in-depth about this topic.

That's it for this post, next week I will be talking about, How do your Consumer fill about your brand? Don’t forget to head over to the Marketing blog section to see all our other marketing posts