Beyond Horizon

Update 2: New level!!!

Jun 11, 2018

Another update for Beyond Horizon is here!!! Last time I showed off the outside of the ship the player will use to get from location to location within the game.

Now its time to show off the inside of the ship. The image is a bit hard in the screenshot below (it game it will be a little brighter but the point of it was meant to fill old and dark)

What do you think of the ship inside?

Next, I would like to show an update on the starting world and some changes made to the background and lighting.


I've also started working on the next area within the game, a desert style planet, this will introduce the player to some key components within the game. Below you can see some planet type objects.

What do you think about the new level design/style along with the side of the ship?

Also just for fun here is a before and after shot of the outside of the ship design from the last update.

Thats it for this update. Till next time, I hope you all have an amazing day!


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