Beyond Horizon

Update 3: Space Station :O

Jul 9, 2018

Back again with another update! This time I will be showing off the cave within the desert level. The cave is the first "dungeon" in the game. This area is still in early stage so feedback of how it looks would be great! I plan to add some glowing plants to the area to try and bring some more life to the area and some basic enemies will soon be in the level. 

On top of this zone, were also been working on one of the space stations in the game, this station is overrun by outlaws and people trading items on the black market.

There has also been a lot of back-end work on the game setting it up with Bitbucket + SourceTree to allow other people within our growing teamwork on the project.

After the space station is done I will be starting work on a new level!!! So hopefully in the next update, I will be able to show off the finished space station + update to the cave and some very early screenshots of the new area.

Also if you think you might be able to help out with the project please email us at where currently looking for a character artist.

Don’t forget to join our discord:

Thats it for this update. Till next time, I hope you all have an amazing day!


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