Beyond Horizon

Update 5: Combat and the dungeon

Aug 13, 2018

Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a quick update on how the game is going as we head closers to the demo lunch window for the game (Mid to early Q4 2018).  To start off the update lets head into a dungeon!!!

In the video, above you have two types of AI, ground, and flying based, there both in early development (and will have different styles of attacks that can be triggered) but it allows us to see how combat works and changes we need to make to the design. What do you all think?

Lets take a look at the first dungeon:

On top of work on the first dungeon level design we have also been working on a number of difrent parts of the game. Below you can find break down of each section of the development


Mr. Brick has been doing an amazing job with the monster AI for the dungeon section of the demo, at the moment he is working on 2 out of the 3 AI that can be found lurking within the dungeon (one ground and one flying AI)  After the 3 monsters are completed he will start work on the Boss for the level!!!

Along with this were also started working on the dialogue and cutscene system that will be within the game to this is still only at the testing point but soon will be implemented within the game.


With almost all the character sound effect and inside house sound design completed Jason has been doing a great job design amazing sound effects for the game with him currently working on the first world (outside area sound effects currently) Soon we will start to share some of the sound effects on Patreon so get ready!!!


For music, Krystian has done an amazing job bringing the game to life with the soundtrack!!! You may have heard some of the music already in the gameplay and trailer videos along with starting this week if you support the project on Patreon for $1 or more you can get access to work in progress of new music for the game, the fist track you can hear at:

Character Design:

With only 6 characters left to be designed (within the demo version of the game), character design development is going really well and we will be able to share more designs soon so keep an eye out!!

Level Design:

Where up to the last world (fishing town) for the demo currently in work is a completion date within the next 3 weeks we should have all level design assets completed for the demo allowing a larger focus being shifted to the core game design and getting everything really for Q4, 2018 demo.

To fish off update 5 below you can see some of the animation that enemy AI use including some that you did not get to see in the combat video.




Thats it for this update. Till next time, I hope you all have an amazing day!

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