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Discover the Secrets to Effective Marketing: Learn How to Put the Right Message in Front of the Right Customers to Generate More Profit, Good Reviews, and Decrease Customer Acquisition Costs.

+ Includes even more FREE stuff and a discount!
Over 70 pages of content from branding, marketing and more!
Find out who you are as a brand and how your customers are!
The 4 P's of marking, what is is and how to use them.
Learn about "Content Atomization!" The GOLD MINE of marketing!
PLUS! Even more freebies and discounts inside!
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How do I access the e-Book?
Once you have signed up for our newsletter, you will receive an email within 24 hours containing a link to download the e-book.

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Will I get any new updates to the e-Book?
Yes, as we continue to update the e-Book with even more information or updated info, we will send you an updated version completely for free! (including any newly added freebies!)
How often are newsletters sent out?
We will send out newsletters once a week. These newsletters will include additional business, design, and marketing tips and tricks. Additionally, we will continue to provide monthly discounts and freebies!
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Yes, simply click un-subscribe at the botton of the email or just send us an email at andrew@madebycampfire.com and we can easily do it for you!

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