Frequently Asked Questions

Main FAQ

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What do you do?

We design anything from digital to print, branding to social media. To see our full list of services, head over to our "services page".

How much does the design cost?

This depends on the project, what is it and what are the deliverables of the project. For a ballpark price, a branding package that includes logo, style guide, business card and social media branding (without the cost of printing/shipping) can cost around $800 to $1500 AUD.

(This is a ballpark price and will varies from the project) If you would like a more accurate price, head over to our "Contact Page" send us your project to give you a free quote.

How long will the design take?

For something like branding, it can take 1 to 4 weeks, but just like price this varies from the project, this is due to a number of reasons such as the number of deliverables, rounds of visions and the complexity of the project.

The reason it takes a while, is that it's more than just creating something that looks good, we design with meaning and strategy, where we learn who your company is, and who your target audience is. Design without meaning is meaningless, and to create this, it takes time and research. You want something that lasts a lifetime, not a year.

How do I pay the design invoice?

After we settle on a price and the contract has been signed, an invoice will be sent with a 50% deposit. This can be paid within the invoice, with a credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

After this, a second invoice will be sent before the first rounds revisions, this invoice will be 25% (of the remaining amount) and then the last 25% before we send you the final files over.

If you need help paying to send an email to hello@madebycampfire.com

Can I bundle multiple design projects?

After a logo, business card, social media branding, and print ad? Then bundle them together and save 15% on your total price.

Do you work with clients worldwide?

Are you outside of Australia? No problem, we can still work together and create something amazing, in fact, 40% of our clients are based outside of Australia. We can either talk over email, phone or video call.


Want something cool like merch? Maybe one day...

Do you sell prints or merchandise?

Not at this point in time but get ready the fire will start soon,a set up camp and look forward to something hot coming soon!