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The Spark.

We are a Perth based graphic design studio with a focus on crafting memorable and communication driven design, to help you boost your businesses and customer.

It's more than just "making something look good."

At Made by Campfire, we don't kist focus on aesthetics, we use strategic insights about your company and customers to unleash creative potential in our designs that captures imaginations and tells a compelling story.

Connect and grow your business with design!


How we have helped.

Campfire has helped 50+ companies, both increases there sales,
brand awareness and customer growth.

Site traffic



Site traffic from re-brand

More profit



Per sale

Brand awareness



From branding, strategy & camping

Social media



User engagement per week

App downloads



Increase of downloads with marketing

Cart Abandonment



Per session
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See how design can help increase your business market share, along with attract and build customers trusts.

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Some of the amazing companies we work with.

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Trusted by +50 happy clients
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