A spark of design is fuelled by the fire inside.

We're a creative design agency located in Perth, Australia,


There is only one person at this company but you get the idea.

I have a goal, to create memorable and communication driven design, that tells your story and engages with your audience.

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Our Story

We create design that is memorable and communication-driven, that tells your story and engages with your audience.

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Our Services

After a logo, marketing, social media design or more. From digital to print we can do it all.

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Our Process

From the first meeting/discovery session to the design/feedback, learn how we design.

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Design without the monkey business.

Campfire was created in 2019 by Andrew Salfinger (me) a designer with over 4 years of experience, working with clients such as City of Perth, Yagan Square, Koble, Red Bark, Pilates Bitesize and more.

Our studio was created with a goal, to create design with no monkey business, where we deliver the highest quality designs and branding that are memorable, and communication-driven, that tells your story and engages with your audience.

Design can't just look good, it needs to have meaning and strategy behind it to reflect who your company and your target audience is.

Some of our awards.


Best Designer

Awared by SAE (Perth)

Highest GPA

Awared by SAE (Perth)

Best Graduation Project

Awared by SAE (Perth)

We might be a new company but...

I've been working in the industry for over 4 years, with a bachelor in graphic design, working with small to large company's around the world.

motion graphic
online (social media/advertisement)
what we can do

From print to digital.

No matter what you need, may it be a new logo, social media design
or print advertisement, we can do it. (no magic required)


Launching a new company or re-branding? Together we can design a brand that will stand out.


Need business cards, posters, packaging, pull up banners or other print designs.


After an animated logo,  advertisement, or you just want to say something fun with animation?


From social media to billboards, let's design the advertisement to take your brand to the next level.


Take your channel to the next level with a full youtube/twitch package. From intros, overlays to branding.


Add flair to your project with illustration, or tell your brands story in a unique way.


It's more than just making something that looks good.

We don't just design something that looks good, we design with meaning and strategy that is built from understanding your company and your target audience, uncovering the problem from the perspective of your end-user.

To do this we have nailed down our process to achieve this



It all starts with our first meeting to learn who you are and what you need. May it be over the phone, email or in person.



With discovery session, we go in depth to learn about who your company is, target audience, pain points and more.


Brief / Agreement

A brief and project agreement that outlines the project, will need to be signed before moving forwards.



Then we sketch out idea's, bring you in on the early stages to get your feedback. (With 3 rounds of revisions.)



After the sketches are narrowed down, we develop and refine the design to make it amazing.



Once the project is complete and full payment is made we deliver the files and ship off the printed copies.


Site traffic and brand awareness has increased by 62%

"From the fast design and allowing us to give feedback all the way through, our new logo and campaign has increased our website traffic and brand awarenesses by 62%"

Shane - The Omega Nerd: Journalise

Amazing and fast!

He was very professional, efficient and educational. He did an excellent job on delivering my needs all in reasonable turn around time with a major time zone difference. I would highly recommend him for any digital motion project and looking forward to working together in the future.

Shane Guénin - sdotguenin : Music producer

It's more than just the design!

"Andrew works like crazy to create the branding we were looking for, and helping us find the direction for our company with brand strategy."

Michael - Red Bark: Landscaping

How we have helped.

Campfire has helped companies, both increases there sales
and brand awareness by over 50%

Site traffic



Site traffic from re-brand

More profit



Per sale

Brand awareness



From branding, strategy & camping

Social media



User engagement per week

App downloads



Increase of downloads with marketing

Cart Abandonment



Per session
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We wrote up a case study to help show you how we have helped businesses grow their audience, their brand and generate more income.


Let's grab a coffee.

With more than 4 years of experience,
we can deliver the design you're after.

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