Jason Building Design

Jason Building Design
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Brand & Marketing Strategy | Branding & Identity Design | Print and Digital Collateral | Social Media Marketing
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Affinity Designer


Jason's Building Design was a company with a logo seemingly stuck in the '80s, both figuratively and literally. For over 39 years, they had maintained the same design. However, by 2019, their brand had become a liability for the company. Outdated and lacking in modern appeal, it hindered their efforts to attract new clients and bolster revenue. Prospective clients hesitated, uncertain about the company's capabilities, as the outdated logo suggested a lack of innovation and trustworthiness. This perception extended to doubts about the quality of their house designs.


Following a comprehensive re-branding and strategic marketing campaign, the company experienced a remarkable transformation. Within just three months, the rebranding efforts resulted in an exponential increase in revenue and a surge in new client acquisitions.


Strategy & Approach


During a one-day facilitated session, we identified and addressed the challenges that Jason's company was facing. Through this process, we prioritized the needs and goals of both the business and its customers. We uncovered the issues surrounding their current brand and how it was negatively impacting their ability to attract new clients. This session laid the foundation for the branding and marketing plans for 2019 and beyond.


Through a series of strategic exercises during the session, we extracted and refined the key pillars of the brand. This process defined the brand’s personality, including its visual identity, tone of voice, and behavior


Jason’s prioritizes the client's vision, whether it's their dream home or office space. Our commitment is to accompany them throughout the entire journey, providing ongoing support even after the contract has been signed. To better understand the diverse needs of our customers, we created unique user profiles representing a range of attendees. This process provided valuable insights into their demographics, psychographics, needs, and desires.


Understanding Jason’s brand identity and the audience they championed was instrumental in defining the organization's positioning statement:

“Building homes for people who are obsessed passionate as they are.”


Brand Refresh

A new look

Their old logo, reminiscent of the 1950s, was detrimental to their business as it appeared outdated, leading potential clients to believe that their house designs were also antiquated. Moreover, inconsistencies across their branding materials, from their brand identity to posters, gave the impression of disjointedness, making each new design seem like it belonged to a different company. This lack of cohesion further eroded trust with potential clients.

Jason's Building Design aimed to appeal to mid to high-end clients seeking modern building designs for homes and offices. However, they missed the mark on both design and positioning. Leveraging insights gleaned from the discovery session, we embarked on transforming their brand identity.





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