Star One Sardines

Star One
Graphic Designer
Service Render:
Logo Design, Type Design, Packaging Design
Tools Used:
Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo


Develop packaging and branding for both the Star One brand and its canned sardine line, set to launch in 2023. The objective was to create a product that stands out from its bland and lacklustre competitors in the sardine market, while also appealing to a younger audience.

The Outcome:‍

A distinctive brand that sets itself apart from competitors, providing ample room for growth across various products, all while remaining firmly rooted in its origins.


Strategy & Approach


During a one-day facilitated session, we met with the client, Star One, to identify the challenges they faced as a company. Through this process, they prioritized the needs and goals of both the business and its customers.


Through a series of exercises in the strategy session, we extracted and refined the key pillars of the brand. This helped define the brand’s personality, including its visual and verbal identity. We clarified who they are as a brand and the target customer profile. This work laid the foundation for the branding and marketing plans for 2022 and beyond. At Made by Campfire, we design brands not just for our clients but with a focus on the customer, who are at the core of brand development. This approach ensures a stronger brand that effectively targets and engages the desired audience.

“We want to share the best Australian Sardines with the USA and the world.”


Brand Design

A new look

Star One is a new brand launching in 2023, aiming to market several brands and products under its name. One of these products is sardines from local Australian waters, which will be exported globally. For this, we needed to create both the main branding (Star One) and sub-branding (Star One Sardines) for the client. Additionally, we kept in mind the design relationships between the main and sub-brands, ensuring that the main brand could also work seamlessly with other products and sub-brand designs.

The result was a logo design that allows for future product expansion while standing on its own. The design feels young and fresh, distinguishing itself from competitors with bland, dull branding and packaging.

Packaging Designs

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