The Gold Mine of Marking (The Easy Way) - Content Atomization

Have you ever felt when running your business, you just don't seem to have the time to keep coming up with new things to post and market for your business both offline and offline? Or maybe short on staff members and time? Do you wish you had a better content marketing strategy for your brand with more consistent posts?

Then you’ll love everything about content atomization.

Do you understand and recognise the importance of online and printed marketing for your business, but you don’t know where to start or what type of content to create?

Do you want to know the answer to all these questions? its called “Content Atomization”

“Content Atomization” put it shortly is something that has literally revolutionised the way I approach marketing.

You might be thinking...

So what is It anyway?

While this is a somewhat older term coined by Todd Defren, it is an approach that nearly every major brand and corporation in the world uses to get more mileage out of their content marketing.

In fact, once you adopt this way of thinking, it will change the way you look at writing copy or creating videos for your website.

Here’s what you need to know about content atomization and why the process is so important to scaling your content marketing strategy.

“Content Atomization” is taking a "main idea" or "primary content" and strategically breaking it down into smaller focused pieces. We’ll call this “supporting content”

The main purpose is to try to get as much information out of a primary content piece as you can by segmenting it down into additional ideas.

An image showcasing the core idea of segmenting a key idea to smaller supporting content idea's

Lets break it down with an example!

For example, you might come up with an idea for a Blog post for your "Primary Content" about a specific topic in your niche.

Then from this blog post you would create additional smaller posts regarding various frequently asked questions or side topics to what is covered on the main post. This could then lead into turning this idea into a video format such as Youtube, then post the video on Instagram and Facebook follow up making smaller videos based on core topics and create Youtube/Instagram shorts from it.

This can expand into any type of content you want to make.

Think of it like a book with chapters. The "Primary Content" is the book and the supporting content are the chapters in the book. With Supporting content leading back in some way to the main "Primary Content"

The purpose?

To get as much effort out of your team’s research and content creation time as possible.

An image showing the core idea "Main video" being broken down into smaller marketing objects such as smaller videos, blog posts and newletters

Let's break it down:

For this example let's say you created a video for your "Primary Content" Posted on Youtube. From this video you then post about on social media such as instagram once a week about some key points in the video (all ways telling the viewer to check out the full video) This can be done with either a simple small snippet of the video, or make a text post.

You then break the larger video down into short-form videos about each topic (under 1 minute) and beach them across twitter, facebook, Instagram, YouTube, expanding your reach with the same content. (This can be done daily, weekly, monthly, the more you upload the better)

With the transcription of the shorter videos, you can create and expand ampul to create blog posts on your website explaining your products/services. You also share those web pages on social media.

From these blogs you can create your monthly newsletters for the next 4 months, highlighting your individual services, and the last email would include your awesome video!

This does not just stop with an awesome video about your company, it could be a blog, where you have main posts on your website and you can “Segment” them into smaller posts for social media or make short videos to go along with them for Instagram/youtube examining into ebooks and newsletters. The great thing about “Content Atomization” it can take any idea and use this method.

This type of marking is not just limited to the above example, you can use this template of marketing on pretty much anything. The core idea is about taking a single idea and expanding it and segmenting it into other outlets.

How, or what you use is pretty much limitless. Some key supporting content idea's could also be:

  • Guest blog post on someone else’s website.
  • Downloadable whitepaper or eBook.
  • YouTube video series.
  • Infographic.
  • Online quiz.
  • Email blast.
  • Podcast.

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