We are Made by Campfire

A spark of design is fuelled by the fire inside.

Concept Logos for our brand
Concept Logos for our brand

We’re a Perth based graphic design and branding Studio, that's have been igniting the creative flames of businesses through design since we sparked to life in 2019. Our speciality is crafting branding solutions through graphic design and animation to help you boost your businesses and customer trust. So light your fire with us today - ignite your brand's potential now!

It all starts with the fire inside.

Made by Campfire is a full-service graphic design studio located in Perth, Australia. We ignite the creative fire inside your brand with our professional services, ranging from brand identity, website design, print design and more.

We take pride in helping boost your businesses and customer trust through design. With a passionate team, Made by Campfire strives to provide unforgettable experiences through the applications of great design - ready for any challenge ahead.

Some of our past work at Campfire.
Some of our past work at Campfire.

We have over 3 years of experience!

We work with evolving or new to the industry businesses of all shapes and sizes. To help them define and develop their brand and and engage with their audience. We build brands that inspire.

Building a comprehensive and consistent experience that resonates with customers and nurtures lasting relationships.

It's more than just "making something look good"

At Made by Campfire, we take design to the next level. Instead of simply focusing on aesthetics, we use strategic insights about your company and customers to unleash creative potential in our designs that captures imaginations and tells a compelling story.

We aim to define, frame and implement solutions to problems facing your business.

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A .gif of our logo and the text "It starts with a spark" along with a link to out website below.

A spark of design is fuelled by the fire inside.

Andrew Salfinger.

Credit card mockups

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