Hidden Pyramids

Service Render:
Tools Used:
Affinity Designer

With 2019 coming to an end, I wanted to design an image that in a way summed up this year, from graduating from uni in April to starting life as a freelancer to moving into the future and discovering new mystory's among the horizon.

Made with Affinity Designer on the iPad Pro with frankentoon brushes.

With each illustration, I try to mix vector and raster to create a unique grunge look to the overall design of the pice.

This is archived by creating the base shapes in vector and applying raster textures and brushes to give a more detailed and grunge look. This is followed by applying lighting and overlaying effects such as dust, particles and noise.

Below you can see a "Before" (This is before applying any effects, brushes or textures) and an "After" (once all effects are applied)

Illustration (Before): 

Illustration (After):