Monthly Illustration - 2020

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Tools Used:
Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo

Each month of 2020 I wanted to try and work on a piece of illustration to help improve my skills of drawing and storytelling.

With 2020, I wanted to start a goal where each month I try to make and showcase an illustration (from that month) online to try and improve my illustration skills. With each illustration, I wanted to play around with mixing raster and vector materials swell as photos in the mix. Below are the results of this.


Hidden Pyramids

This illustration was based off some adventure/puzzle games I were playing at the time and came up with this design of two characters explore a new world among the seas.

Made with Affinity Designer + Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro.


In the Park

This months illustration is a mixture of vector and photos, I love merging styles to create something interesting.

Made with Affinity Designer + Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro.


Light House

I guess I like drawing monsters? This months illustration is a mixture of vector, raster (brushes and textures) along with photos to create a surreal atmosphere.

Made with Affinity Designer + Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro.


In the Night

This month is monsters and ghosts!!!! (Yes I know its not Halloween yet) But hey watch out for the ghosts on your walks within the streets!

Made with Affinity Designer + Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro.


Adventure Awaits!

Adventure awaits, it might not be one based in the outside or even real world. But sometimes its good to just break free and go on an adventure. This was a fun illustration where I took the image of the train, removed all people and text on signs and sticker, replaced it with my own text, added some illustrations of monsters and colour corrected the image.

Made with Affinity Designer + Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro.

Here are some other images:

Close up Look at Adventure Awaits


Don't go into the park today!

Wow June already, another month another illustration. This image was based around the story "The Teddy Bears' Picnic" where instead of teddy bears, it was monsters!!!

Made with Affinity Designer + Photo on the iPad Pro.

Close up time!:


It's July, and now I'm a year older Yay! And still on the year-long journey to draw MORE MONSTERS!!!! Yep, that's right, there is no stopping me!!!! On top of drawing monsters I also like to collect retro video games and playing at arcades.

I wanted to do an image around the idea of monsters playing at the arcade and mixing both photo and vector with the use of 3D models in the case of this image the arcade machines where 3D objects. Check out the before and after below showing how the image was put together.

More coming soon!