Say With Candles

Say With Candles
Graphic Designer
Service Render:
Branding, Packaging
Tools Used:
Affinity Designer

Say with Candles, a set of fun multicoloured candles in the shape of different hand gestures. Made with Affinity Designer + Photo on the iPad Pro. In 2020 we had the chance to work on the launch of a new company / and product "Say with Candles" based in Perth, Australia. Where I worked on the branding and packaging, intending to create a brand that can be extended to multiple sub-products.

Some early drafts of the packaging.

Branding - Logo Design:

With the logo, the client wanted it to be versatile, that across sub-brands the "Say With" will remain, while the word next to it, can change depending on the sub-product. So we designed "Say With" with a custom type that will work and look good against most other types and word lengths.

The designed ended up with the "Say With" Being on different lines and would stay the same both in point size and font across sub-products. While the product text (in this case "Candles") would be aligned to the right allowing different fonts and different length words to be placed without the design getting too small. With this came the idea of allowing the "Product text" to take on more of a character and style telling the brands style and feel thought the design of the letters.

Below you can see some examples of different ways we played with the idea on the "Candle" begin part of the word.

Branding - Hands:

Since the brand had candles in the theme of different hand gestures, we also needed to create vector icons, for use on packaging and other print/online applications.

We ended up with the design above, a two-toned flat vector icon, that can be used in a number of brand colours and is also easily adaptable to more hand gestures.


Each of the five hand gestures above also required packaging to go along with, both in matching style and colour.

We worked on a couple of different draft designs using different elements and colours till we ended up with the final design, a two pice both with a wrap-around strap.

Colour was key for the packaging, each candle would have it own colour and we wanted to use that though out the packaging. In the final design, you can see that on the font, size, and back of the packaging.