Subiaco Museum

City of Subiaco
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Photo Editing
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Affinity Photo


The City of Subi was in need for some posters designed for the Subi Musume (showcased at bus shelters and online spaces) and wanted to try and drive new life to the museum with the use of these posters. One set would be used with an upcoming event along with a second set that would be used year-round to promote the Musume.

The Outcome:‍

This lead to two sets (four posters in total) designed to be targeted to both the older generation and the 18 to 25 range.

While Andrew was an intern at Kool Kreative he had the amazing opportunity to work with the City of Subiaco, and the Kool Kreative team on the 2018/2019 ad campaign for Lustrous Bodies for the Subiaco Museum.

With this project, Andrew had a brief to design two posters that would be displayed in bus shelters and online spaces.