Wokka - 2018 campaign

Service Render:
Tools Used:
Affinity Photo, After Effect, Final Cut Pro

A new take on instant noodles. Re-brand and advertisement campaign for Wokka.

Two rival noodle shop cart owners try to compete for the best instant noodles.

So to settle this once and for all the Dinosaur challenging the Ninja to a fight (Poster 1) They went to the battlefield tho they realized neither one of them could fight (Poster 2) So they ended it on the dance floor (Poster 3).​The Ninja won but the dinosaurs did not take defeat so easily, while the ninja was distracted by his victory the dinosaurs kidnaped the ninja and placed him into hiding.

Now we must help the ninja and free him from the dinosaurs. To do this the campaign used Augmented Reality (AR) with the Wokka app along the social media to try and piece together the information to find him.

This starts with the "Ninja missign poster" where on the back will give the user information on how to start, along with a QR code they can scan to download the app.  The "player" will need go around the "real world" with the Wokka app taking photos of the ninja's clothes, ninja sword, ninja star along with the using the information online such as youtube video, Reddit  posts, forum posts and more to help give information to the ninja's location, bringing the community together for a single goal.​

The first 5 people to find the location of the Ninja and take a photo him, would get one year supply of Wokka noddles and to start off 50% off and double points for Wokka products.



Motion Graphic.



Social Media.

Web Ad.